Anoi Global

International Trade for Economic Development

Who Are We?

Founded just before the COVID-19 pandemic Anoi Global is the passion project of two friends, Macote Ambrozio and Jordan Greene. Ever since meeting in undergraduate college and attending graduate school together they have been trying to find a way to increase the economic value and output of the agricultural sector of Guinea-Bissau; a quiet, beautiful, and mostly overlooked West-African nation.

It is home to one of the world cashew market’s best kept secrets: Grown in the lush river valley of Guinea-Bissau our cashew kernels have a unique flavor and robustness you cannot find anywhere in the world.

We have expanded our international agricultural trade horizons to Brazil where we have contacts with brokers and large commercial farms who also help provide the world with food.

Our products help create jobs and economic growth in countries that still depend heavily on agriculture for their economic prosperity.

raw cashew kernels
Our Products​

The best organic agricultural cashews in the world. We seek to help farm-based economies to reach the world markets.

Raw Cashew Nuts – Guinea-Bissau

The rawest form of the cashew fresh off the tree. Dried and ready for processing.

Cashew Kernels – Guinea-Bissau

The best raw cashews in the world. Available by tons, please contact us for a quote on what quality/type and amount you need.

Soy Beans – Brazil

Thousands of tons of soy beans available for sourcing.

The only West-Africa agriculture trade where you’ll get world-class quality and local-style attention.​

Our Contributions​

Industries We Serve!​

raw cashew nut - RCN

Guinea-Bissau: Raw Cashew Nuts – RCN

Raw Cashew Nuts ready for shipping and processing

cashew bags in shipping boxes

Guinea-Bissau: Raw Cashew Kernels And Gas Industry​

The best in the world.

soy beans

Brazilian Soy Beans

Thousands of tons of soybeans to be sourced from Brazil.