Founded just before the COVID-19 pandemic Anoi Global is the passion project of two friends, Macote Ambrozio and Jordan Greene.

Ever since meeting in undergraduate college and attending graduate school together they have been trying to find a way to increase the economic value and output of the agricultural sector of Guinea-Bissau; a quiet, beautiful, and mostly overlooked West-African nation.

We wanted a way for our careers to allow us to provide for our families, but also have a real impact on others. Our agricultural product trade is just the beginning.

High Quality Products and Economic Growth.​

Not only do we seek to provide the best cashew products in the world, but it is our goal to provide greater opportunities for local farmers and to expand the economic prosperity in Guinea-Bissau by working with farmers, brokers, international organizations, and local government to use economics to improve the quality of life for our customers as well as our farmers and providers.

Our Core Values: Quality and Integrity


We seek to provide only the best quality products so our buyers don’t have to worry about what they will find when they open the container, the carton, or the bags.


We do what we say. Our shipments will arrive when we say they will arrive. We will be honest and transparent in any negotiations and our relationship with customers and providers is of utmost importance to us.

We Are a Provider With Direct Connection to Farms and Producers West Africa.​

Macote Ambrozio

Founder – CEO

Macote is a native to Guinea-Bissau, born on the idyllic islands of the coast of the nation. He left Guinea-Bissau in his young adulthood and made his way to the United States where he got a degree in Political Science from Utah Valley University and then a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Global Enterprise from the University of Utah.

He is the founder of the Macote Entrepreneur Center in Bissau– a school dedicated to teaching technology, entrepreneurship, and English to its students to help them participate in the global marketplace

Jordan Greene

Co-Founder – COO – General Counsel

Jordan was originally born and raised in California, USA, but attended Utah Valley University at the same time as Macote in Utah where they met. Serendipitously, they found themselves in the same Master’s program at the University of Utah and have been working together on various projects together ever since.

Jordan went on to attend and complete law school at the University of Utah where he emphasized in business law and international law.

He has worked in the venture capital and growth equity space as well as for a deep tech company builder as a venture partner.